What is LawScore?

LawScore is the first ever scoring system for lawyers based solely on objective criteria.

Every single lawyer licensed in Florida is given a score based on publicly accessible data related to that particular lawyer. Certain skills are required to be a prominent civil trial lawyer. Knowledge. Experience. Expertise. These are merely considerations a potential client should contemplate before hiring a lawyer. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

How is a Lawyer’s LawScore Calculated?

Years in Practice

While having many years of experience is not the ultimate indicator of a good civil trial lawyer, it is an important piece of data to consider for your evaluation. A lawyer with 30 years of experience certainly has seen more than a lawyer with 2 years of experience fresh out of law school.   

Cases Filed in Court

If you need surgery and have to go see a doctor, don’t you want a doctor that performs surgery?  So when looking for a lawyer for your civil case, don’t you want a lawyer that takes cases to court?  Just because a lawyer has years of experience, that does not automatically mean that they have experience in litigation.  We have accumulated data on every lawyer’s litigation experience. 

Verdicts Reached

We acknowledge that going to trial does not occur as frequently as filing a case in court, but having a lawyer that has had experience with going to trial is very important. Sometimes cases cannot resolve without going to trial, so the ability and experience with taking cases to trial is another key performance indicator when assessing the ability of your lawyer. 

Disciplinary History

The Florida Bar is the organization that oversees lawyers and ensures that their conduct conforms to the state’s rules and regulations.  A lawyer’s disciplinary history is certainly something that clients should be aware of and take into account when assessing the credentials of their potential hire.  Having a disciplinary history means that the Florida Bar held that lawyer responsible of committing some form of professional misconduct.